6 comments on “Episode 119 – Festival Boy

  1. Well you boys have finally done it, you’ve put together a con report worth listening to. And its not like you haven’t tried before in episodes 08, 09, 32, 33, 49, 72, 73, 89, 97, 102, 106, 114, and probably some other episodes that you didn’t bother tagging. It may have taken you 13 tries but you have finally put a con report out that is worth a darn, Laven your dad would be proud.

  2. I’m glad to hear that the venue upgrade has made a difference. I met you guys at Kumoricon a few years back when It was still in Vancouver. Definitely enjoyed Anime Jeopardy. Glad you guys keep it going. If Mongolia weren’t so far from Portland and I didn’t have to help harvest reindeers for my villages survival on the same exact weekend as Kumoricon every year I’d like to visit again. I hope you don’t mind my commenting in english. I don’t know if it’s as bad as asking a japanese person a question in japanese at a con. If so I apologize.

    • You should definitely try to make it, we’d love to see you again! English is the only language we’re fluent in, the only Japanese we know is what we learned from anime so it’s mostly attack names!

    • It was unreal how good it was, but I guess at the time we thought it wouldn’t have been fair to compare our own panels to the other ones. We should have praised it more because we all know objectively it was GREAT!

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