5 comments on “Episode 118 – Ridiculously Fashionable Boys

  1. Jack and Willis,
    I know my Laven has his problems, what with his little sister fetish and his kleptomania, but ever since he got into anime this is the only real contact he has with the outside world. Please don’t kick him off the podcast, yes it would be better without him, but I shutter to think what damage it would do to my little pookie’s psyche. Oh and make sure to keep this private, little pookie hasn’t gone through enough therapy yet to admit to his many problems, like how he had a little sister fetish which he acts like isn’t messed up even though it totally is.

    • Seeing as how Laven is a founding member and sitting Chief Information Officer the odds of him ever being kicked off the podcast are about even with the odds that Kyoto Animation will ever produce another season of Haruhi Suzumiya.

      By the way, his little sister fetish does not include blood-relatives, you could qualify it more accurately as a step-sister fetish.

  2. Someday when they translate the series in Mongolian I’ll get to read the manga. They sound fun. For now I’ll satiate my hunger for bizarre adventures via the animated show. I hopped on the JoJos boat a while back. I’ve seen a few, but Stardust Crusaders is probably my favorite so far. Again at least the animated series was top notch. Diamond is Unbreakable was fun too I was just more into the jet setting of Stardust.

    As a side note everytime they play Roundabout on the radio I get to remember JoJos which makes me happy. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an ending song so masterfully worked into each episode.

    Cheers for the return of WIllis.

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