4 comments on “Episode 117 – A Tennis Career Can Take You Everywhere

  1. It’s good to hear Kenny’s voice again. You may remember Kenny from episode 50 of The Anibros: Anime Podcasting Done Right, where he is interviewed just before leaving for Japan for 2 years to teach in the JET program. As an added bonus Of have the real top 5 Gainax anime of all time.
    1. FMA: Brotherhood
    2. Gurren Lagann
    3. FLCL
    4. Flying Babies
    5. Cowboy Bebop
    Honorable mention: NGE

    • This is incredibly interesting, I have never heard of Flying Babies until now. Apparently it is an anime project planned by studio “Fukushima Gainax”, a new studio set up by Gainax in an abandoned junior high school building in Fukushima.

  2. Good show. I have actually recently watched the original Evangelion for the first time and now need to watch all the rest of the franchise. I read a copy of the red cross book today as it was the first I’ve heard of it. I didn’t realize how much technical detail and biblical references there was planned into the show.

    I enjoyed Kennys inclusion on the show. His enthusiasm for Gainax got me hyped up to check out his recommendations. I’m pretty curious about Shin Godzilla. I’m not sure about his take on Azumanga Daioh if it’s not a classic now it’s only a matter of time. I thought it was much older than 2002 though.

    You got my vote for a top 5 Production IG list sometime in the future.

    • The order of watching NGE franchise is something which seems a little more complicated than it actually is. We didn’t touch on it in the episode so I can put it here:

      1. Neon Genesis Evangelion (26 episode TV series)
      2. End of Evangelion (Film)

      And that’s everything. The Rebuild of Evangelion films are the theatrical reboot, if you enjoy the original you will enjoy the films as they have a lot of new things to offer… though it’s a long wait until the fourth and final film will be completed.

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