11 comments on “Episode 115 – I Don’t Want to Slide on the Slope

  1. I think the major tonal difference in Diebuster is Gainax keeping with the times. Look at what they were doing when Gunbuster came out, things like the DaiCon openings which were spoofs of Sci-fi and anime culture, and so what was Gunbuster? It was a mecha spoof of Aim for the Ace, a popular sports anime of the time. Yes it’s a great anime short and everyone should watch it but to watch it while forgetting that it is a spoof is to forget what inspired the creators.
    Then, jump a decade and a half later, and Diebuster is being made. At the same time they’ve pulled in a new crew with new ideas and are exploring these new techniques. Shows like FLCL, RE: Cutie Honey, and Abenobashi. When those guys were given free reign with a new Gunbuster of course it was going to be different. The company is different, the team is different, and the motivation is different. Then those guys go off an make Gurren Lagann and Panty and Stocking before ditching the old people for Trigger.
    All that said, who doesn’t want to be a real NonoRiri?

  2. For your next outro try, “Thank you all for listening to another episode of the anibros, the most popular biannual anime podcast on huffduffer.com where you can huffduff all your favorite podcasts. As always I want to say to all you anime watchers out there get out while you still can, and for everyone who didn’t enjoy the podcast remember it was better than nothing.” (Sound of a girl sleeping in a shark)

  3. I do enjoy the recommendations for older shows. I’m about to watch Gunbuster as soon as I finish being social on the internet. I also watched KonoSuba on your recommendation. I thought it was a lot of fun actually.

    • Gunbuster is just one of those essential series you’ve got to watch, let us know what you think of it… I’m about to watch some late ’80s OVA myself.

      • I wrapped up Gunbuster which was pretty rad for sure. It may have been a parody of other shows, but I feel there is also inspiration taken from classic SciFi books. The whole concept of near lightspeed travel and returning to have everything be older is a theme I’ve seen in a number of my favorite SciFi books.

        The very first episode of Gunbuster seemed pretty familiar in retrospect, I may have started it once before and got distracted and forgot about it. I’m about half way through Diebuster now. I’ve noticed there are some very obvious similarities between Diebuster and Kill la Kill. Maybe not so much in story, but there is a least one of the buster machines that reminds me of a power up new final form moment in Kill la Kill. I think you mentioned on the latest episode that some or most left Gainax and became part of Trigger. That would make a lot of sense.

        It’s got me looking up a lot of the Gainax shows now. There are many of the Gainax classics I’ve already seen but a bunch I haven’t yet. If there is anything I should avoid let me know. It’s likely I’ve watched most of them due to past shows where you brought them up in conversation. Please continue being my guiding light bros.

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