4 comments on “Episode 111 – There’s a Corner in a Cabin

  1. I saw Tornadoes all the way through, didn’t think it was that grate. Was able to predict ending after first episode, SAD!

  2. (Am writing comments as I listen….)

    The AkibaStrip game is just as bad as the anime… if not worse -___-

    Golden Time? Really? I don’t get how you could like it. The main guy was so 2D and the main girl was a massive bytch.

    As for Toradora, I wouldn’t say it’s the best romance ever (Minori and Ryuji should have ended up together), but the comedy is fantastic and it’s an entertaining show to watch.
    Inko-chan is AMAZING O_O
    MINORI IS BEST GIRL!!!! <3 <3 <3

    I judge you but you did good.

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