2 comments on “Episode 96 – Professional, Normal Relationship

  1. I see the Anibros edited out the part where Jack breaks down crying and admits that FMA:Brotherhood is the greatest anime of all time. This is just another example of the ‘bros trying to manipulate the truth before it gets out to the people, but we aren’t going to take it anymore!
    #tyranny #DownWithTheBros #PJNET

  2. Well, Patrick seemed overly confused and/or annoyed about certain things that were pretty clear to me while watching Code Geass. Not going to nitpick the podcast to death, since that’s no fun, but I thought only a few of the complaints were completely fair. Others came across as either slightly inaccurate or just a matter of personal preference (like the art style for example).

    Honestly, I would say Code Geass is a pretty good show on balance. There are flaws, but I enjoyed it. Of course, you do need to be a fan of extremely over-the-top, unrealistic and ridiculous events. As an anime viewer, I usually have no issues with that sort of situation at all. But I would argue it’s more interesting than just being crazy, as long as you can suspend your disbelief a lot.

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