3 comments on “Episode 72 – Kumoricon 2014: The Coverage

  1. Most of it went almost OK, except for this one little snafu in the middle. Apparently somebody who had never seen any kind of game show at all, and didn’t realize teams got eliminated, decided to throw a monumental temper tantrum. She collapsed in the middle of the floor, wouldn’t move, and when someone tried to console her she ran across the floor grabbed a bunch of papers for the next event and tore them up. She then ran out of the room screaming and crying.

  2. The Anibros 2012-2013 season was 24 episodes and the 2013-2014 season was 39 episodes. At this rate there should be 54 episodes next year, over 1 a week!
    Kumoricon 2012: Episodes 8 and 9
    Kumoricon 2013: Episodes 33 and “Kumoricon Diaries 2013”
    Kumoricon 2014: Episodes 72 and 73

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